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Jewelry of the Month (February 2019)

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Every month, we at Jewelry Shopping Guide, scour the web to find our top 10 favorite pieces of jewelry. From handmade, artisan pieces to fancy, fine jewelry, we cover a wide range in our selection and we’re sure that you’re going to love some of them, if not all!  

Here are our favorites for this month!

10- Opal and Gold Ring

opal raw gold ring

Raw Opal in Gold Ring. See It on Etsy.

This raw opal ring set in a rustic gold setting is the perfect piece for a bohemian, laid back style. The setting brings out the beauty of the opal, with the gold contrasting perfectly against the ethereal other-worldly look of the opal. Perfect for a day out or with a casual outfit, this ring is the ideal summer piece.  

9- Statement Earrings with Pearls


swirl drop earrings with pearls

Oscar de la Renta Swirl Drop Earrings. See Them on Nordstrom.

Statement earrings and modern pearl jewelry are two big trends for 2019, and this stunning pair of earrings combines them both perfectly. Perfect for that formal event or night out, the Swirl Drop earrings add just that classy touch of sparkle and pearl.

8- Two Tone Bracelet

two tone bracelet

Two Tone Bracelet by Blue Nile

Keep it simple but eye-catching with this two-tone bead station bracelet by Blue Nile. The bracelet features sterling silver and 14K gold beads. Perfect for any skin tone and ideal for casual or formal events, this is a bracelet to add to your everyday wear collection.

7- Butterfly Sapphire Ring

Pink sapphire ring

Butterfly Pink Sapphire Ring by James Allen.

Make your fingers sparkle with this cute yellow gold butterfly ring with pink sapphires and diamonds by designer Effy. With impeccable craftsmanship and a unique design, this ring features a number of precious gemstones. Pair with a summer dress for the ideal summer look, or formal attire for an interesting contrast.

6- Turquoise Statement Earrings

gemstone statement earrings

Leila Statement Earrings by Stella and Ruby.

Add color to your look with this faux turquoise statement earrings by Stella and Ruby. With a touch of boho, these earrings are going to be the focal point of your look, so it’s best to minimize the rest of your jewelry and let this pair shine.

5- Unique Gate Locket

gate locket pendant

Monica Rich Kosann Round Gate Locket exclusively on Blue Nile.

This modern spin on the age-old locket by Monica Rich Kosann brings new life to the locket concept. While traditional lockets can be bulky-looking, the gate locket is sleek and has movement. The perfect cross between a personal piece of jewelry and a fashion statement.

4- Rose Gold Leaf Threader Earrings

threader earrings

Rose Gold Threader Earrings on Etsy.

Who doesn’t love a pair of threader earrings? Sophisticated, stylish and elegant, this pair goes with any attire, but looks especially stunning with a formal dress and an up do.

3- Black and White Diamond Ring

black white diamond ring

Black and White Diamond Ring by Helzberg.

Sleek, chic and sophisticated, this black and white diamond ring combines neutral colors for a stunning statement look. The ring contains 44 round black diamonds and 4 white center diamonds totalling 48 natural stones!

2- Brass and Silver Dangles

Brass earrings

Brass and Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings by Novica. See it on Amazon.

Not only are these sterling silver and brass earrings beautiful in a simple and charming way, but they’re also a fair-trade product sold in association with National Geographic. Artisan handcrafted, this pair comes with a story card about the piece. You’re sure to love this piece. 

1- Braided Italian Gold Bracelet

Gold chain bracelet

Large Link Braided Bracelet by Blue Nile

This classy statement braided bracelet dazzles with 14K Italian gold. Take advantage of Blue Nile’s Valentine’s Day Love Sale and take off 30% off the price of this stunning piece.

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