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What is Mourning Jewelry? A Closer Look

Mourning jewelry serves as a reminder of a loved one who has passed away. In memory of the person, mourning jewelry frequently includes their initials, an ...

The Shocking Curse of the Hope Diamond – Myth or Reality?

The Hope Diamond is one of history's most well-known diamonds and has been the subject of stories, myths, and superstitions. This 45.52-carat deep ...

What Are Symbols of Love in Jewelry?

People in different cultures around the world have used various symbols as reminders of the value of love. While roses and hearts are the most common, there ...

What Does the Infinity Symbol Mean in Jewelry?

The infinity symbol has been a part of fashion and popular culture for the past few years, even though the concept is quite old. Its representation conveys a ...

The Amazing History and Styles of African Jewelry

African Jewelry comes in various designs and styles, rich with history and meaning. It serves more than just bodily adornments. This jewelry may be used as a ...

Nickel Jewelry and Why You Should Avoid It

The topic of nickel jewelry is controversial but it’s unavoidable and important. If you’ve already had skin irritations and allergies triggered by jewelry, ...

24K Gold Jewelry (Solid Gold) – Pros and Cons

Pure (solid) gold is a special metal. It has kept all of humanity mesmerized with its beauty for thousands of years and it continues to be highly valuable to ...

18K vs. 14K Gold – Which is Better and How to Choose

Choosing the metal for your ring or jewelry piece is usually the simpler step compared to picking the right gemstone but even then there are some points of ...

11 Types of Gold (And Which Is Best)

Gold can be used in many different ways in jewelry but it can also come in various types, alloys, and looks. Some of those are more popular and well-known ...

The Fascinating History of Necklaces Through the Ages

Necklaces are one of the most common types of jewelry, worn around the world. It’s difficult to pinpoint where exactly necklaces originated, as it can be ...

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