Animal Themed Jewelry is Back In Style – Here’s How to Choose

Animals have always been a popular inspiration in jewelry world since anceint times. However, throughout jewelry history, animal themed jewelry has cycled in and out of fashion, with some years being more popular for this style of jewelry. In recent years, the demand for animal themed jewelry has grown.

Whether you love cats or want to show off how cute llamas are, there’s a piece of jewelry for that. These are fun and playful pieces, and no doubt you’ll have people leaning in for a closer look!

Let’s take a look at how to choose and wear animal themed jewelry, and where you can find the best pieces.

1. Animal Rings

A subtle way to incorporate your love of animals into your ensemble, consider animal rings. Animal rings are great for stacking, if you are into the ring layering trend.

Choose small, complementary pieces that look great together. If you’re worried about choosing the right size, try an adjustable ring as they easily fit any finger.

But you don’t have to stop there. Why not choose an eye-catching piece that will make you catch your breath? These will stand out on your finger, and make a statement. Take a look at our picks below.

vintage panther ring
Vintage gold and diamond panther ring. See this here.

Vintage and antique animal jewelry are perfect if you’re looking for unique statement pieces. Whether affordable pieces or higher-end ones, like the panther ring featured above, there’s a lot to love in the designs from past years.

panther modern ring
Modern cubist panther ring. See this here.

While vintage pieces are great, modern designs are equally stunning. These typically feature geometric shapes, stylized outlines, and the blending of metals and gemstones to create a stylish aesthetic.

crocodile ring
Crocodile ring. See this here.

Startling, life-like animal rings aren’t for everyone, but they sure catch your eye. While most designs are stylized, some designers choose to create the animal in as realistic a manner as possible.

Mouse and cheese ring
Mouse and cheese ring. See this here.

Then there’s the other end of the spectrum – cute and cuddly designs that make you go Awww! Whether it’s a little silver mouse eating a piece of golden cheese or a cuddly frog with a cute face, these kinds of designs are fun and casual, showing your relaxed side.

butterfly ring
Butterfly ring. See this here.

You can also opt for animal themed rings that are more subtle and can be worn every day without making a huge statement. These kinds of designs blend in with other jewelry and any outfit and aren’t really novelty designs.

2. Animal Pendants

If you’re looking for a statement animal pendant, snakes, wolves, eagles and big cats are very popular subjects and it’s easy to see why. They combine a sense of beauty, danger, glamour and confidence all in one.

Of course, if this doesn’t sound like you, woodland creatures such as rabbits, deer, owls and mice are also jewelry favorites.   

phoenix pendant
Phoenix pendant with pearl. See this here.

We also love mythological creatures, like phoenixes, dragons, and griffins, because they embody so much symbolism. Whether you want to symbolize rising from the ashes, or showcase your powerful side, there’s a symbol for that in a mythical creature.

pig pendant
Gold pig pendant. See this here.

Alternatively, opt for realistic animals for no other reason than that you just like how it looks! There’s a lot to love about animal pendants, and while they can symbolize a range of concepts, they’re also just pretty to look at, if expertly crafted by a top designer.

3. Animal Earrings

Animal earrings have been extremely popular, with creative designs hitting the market all the time. You can find standard animal earrings in styles such as studs and dangles, as well as more modern and edgy styles. Single ear cuffs, mismatched earrings, and designs using the back of the earring to depict the animal are quirky, bold and statement animal pieces that immediately catch the eye.

yak earrings
Highland cow earrings. See them here.

We love these bohemian highland cow earrings because of how rustic and simple they look. And yet, they showcase so much detail and effort. Who knew wire jewelry could look so stylish!

snake earrings
Golden serpent ear cuffs. See them here.

If dangle earrings or studs aren’t for you, then consider an ear cuff. These fit onto your ear and hold on securely through their design. Popular animals for this style include serpents, foxes, cats, dragons, and even peacocks, like this elaborate ear cuff.

4. Animal Cuffs and Bracelets

Animal bracelets and cuffs are another way to rock this trend. Again, there is an endless range of designs and styles to choose from, including adjustable bangles, metal cuffs, charms and leather and fabric bracelets. 

panther cuff
Double panther cuff. See this here.

Bold and dangerous animals, like felines and canines, make for cuffs that give off a sense of freedom, care-freeness, and glamor. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but when worn with the perfect ensemble, these kinds of cuffs can really stand out. Consider cuffs with bold colors and patterns that bring out the characteristics of the animal it depicts.

Octopus cuff
Octopus cuff. See this here.

You can also go for the completely bizarre and out-there designs, like this octopus cuff. Featuring quite a life-like octopus, at first glance, it looks like you’ve got an actual mini octopus wrapped around your wrist. The blend of life-likeness with the creativity of the design make for a gorgeous piece.

double swallow bracelet
Double swallow bracelet. See this here.

However, if maximalist isn’t your style, consider a minimalist piece that features more gentle animals, also known for their symbolism. Think swallows, doves, in fact, birds of any kind, cats, dolphins, and so on.

animal cuff
Exotic animal cuff. See this here.

As we’ve already covered, vintage and antique animal jewelry has something that you just can’t find in modern pieces. However, you can find vintage-inspired pieces, like this panther bracelet. They give you a good balance between beauty and price.

Wrapping Up

If you’re investing in a long-term piece, then consider the durability of your jewelry. In this case, choosing a precious metal such as gold or silver will add value to the item. If not, costume jewelry and more affordable options are fine.

Whether you’re looking for an elaborate statement piece or a cute little item for casual wear, there’s bound to be an animal themed piece that you will love! When picking the piece, you might want to consider the symbolism of the piece and what it says about you. After all, you’re in charge of how you want your animal-themed jewelry to look – so go for it and embrace this wild trend!

Dani Rhys

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